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HOTP secrets are 40 characters long - you have entered {num}.

Plural formula: n != 1

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Failed to update organization name.
There was an error with the autogenerated password. User not created. Please try again. Der var en fejl i det autogenererede kodeord. Bruger ikke oprettet. Prøv venligst igen.
Username "{user}" already taken. Brugernavn "{user}" er allerede taget
An error occurred saving this user to the database. Please inform your admin. Der var en fejl i at gemme denne bruger i databasen. Informer venligst din administrator.
The two-factor code for user "{user}" was verified successfully.
Name not updated: {} Navn ikke opdateret: {}
Deleted user '{user}'. Bruger '{user}' slettet
Test alert sent. Please check your email. Test advarsel sendt. Tjek venligst din e-post.
The account and data for the source {} have been deleted.
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python-brace-format, python-format
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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securedrop/translations/da/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, string 25