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If your two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, or you got a new device, you can reset your credentials here. <em>If you do this, make sure you are ready to set up your new device, otherwise you will be locked out of your account.</em>
To reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps such as FreeOTP, choose the first option. For security keys like the YubiKey, choose the second one.
Reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps, such as FreeOTP
Reset two-factor authentication for security keys, like a YubiKey Token i to faktor autentifikation bekræftet.
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User avatar AO_Localization_Lab

Resolved comment

Does this reset the credentials for one or several mobile apps?

a year ago
User avatar rmol

Resolved comment

Just one. SecureDrop only stores one OTP secret per journalist account, so the buttons under "Reset Two-Factor Authentication" on the account editing page are for resetting that single secret -- the credentials for either a mobile app or a security key -- associated with the account. I've added a screenshot that I hope will clarify this function; thanks for bringing attention to this.

a year ago


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