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Invalid secret format: odd-length secret. Did you mistype the secret?
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User avatar kwadronaut

Source string comment

Is this odd length as in the opposite of even (numbers) or in the meaning of 'strange?'

3 years ago
User avatar hllee451

Source string comment

It means the opposite of even. A hex string must have even-length so it can be decoded.

3 years ago
User avatar kingu

Source string comment

Suggestion: "Incorrect secret, you have added or forgotten something."

3 years ago
User avatar communiaa

Source string comment

Hello, Could someone clarify the sense of 'odd-length secret' in this string, please? Thank you.

3 years ago
User avatar btonasse

Source string comment

Thank you, redshiftzero. So I'm keeping the original translation.

3 years ago
User avatar kingu

Source string comment

And to (just about) everyone doing "Sentence: smallversal", it should be "Sentence: Bigversal", which is why doing the former in English, where both are allowed is considered harmful. Some style-guides say it has to be a complete sentence to do so, butbut.. Best avoided by any means necessary.

2 years ago
User avatar eloquence

Source string comment

As far as I can tell, this error will never be displayed to a user and this message can potentially be removed entirely, see

7 months ago


English Danish
No related strings found in the glossary.

Source information

python-brace-format, python-format
String age
3 years ago
Source string age
3 years ago
Translation file
securedrop/translations/da/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po, string 43