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User avatar AO_Localization_Lab

Resolved comment

The exclamation mark is superfluous here.

a year ago
User avatar eloquence

Resolved comment

That's an intentional design choice in this case, to make the message less formal and more friendly.

9 months ago
User avatar AO_Localization_Lab

Source string comment

@eloquence Thank you for your answer. It seems you are set not to follow regular writing rules.

9 months ago
User avatar eloquence

Source string comment

@AOLocalizationLab.:The website you linked to merely makes the point that exclamation marks are rarely used in academic writing, which this is not; it's what the website calls an "emphatic declaration" in the context of UI copy. "Sorry." "Sorry!" and "Sorry" all have a different emotional tone in English, and sometimes we may choose one over the other, depending on the tone that seems most appropriate in a given context. But I don't think it's a huge deal either way, so if others also prefer "Sorry." in this context, I'd be happy to change it.

9 months ago


English Danish
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a year ago
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