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Please either write this codename down and keep it in a safe place, or memorize it.
This codename is what you will use in future visits to receive messages from our team in response to what you submit on the next screen.
Because we do not track users of our <strong>SecureDrop</strong>
service, in future visits, using this codename will be the only way we have to communicate with you should we have
questions or are interested in additional information. Unlike passwords, there is no way to retrieve a lost codename.
Your Tor Browser's <a id="disable-js" href=""><strong>Security Level</strong></a> is too low. Use the <img src="{icon}" alt="shield icon"> &nbsp;button in your browser’s toolbar to change it.
<strong>It is recommended to use Tor Browser to access SecureDrop:</strong> <a id="recommend-tor" href="{tor_browser_url}">Learn how to install it</a>, or ignore this warning to continue.
<strong>It is recommended you use the desktop version of Tor Browser to access SecureDrop, as Orfox does not provide the same level of security and anonymity as the desktop version.</strong> <a id="recommend-tor" href="{tor_browser_url}">Learn how to install it</a>, or ignore this warning to continue.
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Click the <img src="{icon}" alt="shield icon"> in the toolbar above
Select <strong>Advanced Security Settings</strong>
Select <strong>Safest</strong>
<a href="/">Refresh this page</a>, and you're done!
Enter Codename
Enter your codename
One more thing...
Click the <img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong> button in your Tor Browser's toolbar. This will clear your Tor Browser activity data on this device.
Remember, your codename is:
Sorry we haven't responded yet!
Our SecureDrop recently experienced a surge of activity. For security reasons, the creation of a two-way communication channel was delayed until you checked in again.
Please rest assured that we were able to download your submission, and check back again later for a reply.
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User avatar kingu

Translation comment

@Jonas Franzén The Tor-browser has a Swedish translation , but you seem to think "Safest" is what people will see when what is known about them is they are using SecureDrop in Swedish? Why?

a year ago
User avatar rmol

Translation comment

I'm curious about this as well. This is a case where we should match Tor Browser, and as of 8.5.3 they do seem to have this translated (to "Säkrast"). If people are using it in Swedish and see something different, I'd like to figure that out.

a year ago
User avatar gonzalo-bulnes

Resolved comment

The "Safest" option of the Tor Browser 9.5.1 in Spanish (Spain) is called "El más seguro de todos" (with that mix of upper and lowercase letters).

9 months ago
User avatar gonzalo-bulnes

Resolved comment

Note: the same option is called "En extremo seguro" in the same Tor Browser 9.5.1 in Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Chile) and Spanish (Mexico). Similar differences exist in other parts of the Tor Browser that are currently relevant to SecureDrop.

9 months ago


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