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Logo Image סמליל
Here you can update the image displayed on the SecureDrop web interfaces: כאן תוכל לעדכן את התמונה שתוצג באתר של SecureDrop:
Recommended size: 500px * 450px גודל מומלץ: 500px * 450px
UPDATE LOGO עדכן סמליל
Submission Preferences טופס נמחק.
Prevent sources from uploading documents. Sources will still be able to send messages.
The following file has been selected for <strong>permanent deletion</strong>: הקובץ הנל נבחר עבור <strong>מחיקה לצמיתות</strong>:
PERMANENTLY DELETE FILES מחק לצמיתות את הקבצים
Return to the list of documents for {source_name}… חזור לרשימת המסמכים של {source_name}…
Edit user "{user}" ערוך את המשתמש "{user}"
Change Name and Admin Status עדכן שם משתמש והרשאות
Edit your account ערוך את החשבון
Change Name
Reset Password שחזר סיסמא
SecureDrop uses automatically generated diceware passwords.
Your password will be changed immediately, so you will need to save it before pressing the "Reset Password" button.
Please enter your current password and two-factor code.
Current Password
Two-factor Code
The user's password will be changed to:
Your password will be changed to:
Reset Two-Factor Authentication
If a user's two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, you can reset them here. <em>If you do this, make sure the user is present and ready to set up their device with the new two-factor credentials. Otherwise, they will be locked out of their account.</em>
If your two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, or you got a new device, you can reset your credentials here. <em>If you do this, make sure you are ready to set up your new device, otherwise you will be locked out of your account.</em>
To reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps such as FreeOTP, choose the first option. For security keys like the YubiKey, choose the second one.
Reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps, such as FreeOTP
Reset two-factor authentication for security keys, like a YubiKey הקוד עבור אימות דו-שלבי התקבל עבור המשתמש {user}.


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