An unexpected error occurred! saving this user to the database. Please inform your administrator.
An error occurred saving this user to the database. Please inform your admin.
Context English Japanese State
{time} ago {time}前
You have been logged out due to inactivity. 活動が無かったためログアウトされました
You have been logged out due to password change 活動が無かったためログアウトされました
Incorrect password or two-factor code. パスワードまたは2要素認証コードは正しくありません。
Your two-factor credentials have been reset successfully.
There was a problem verifying the two-factor code. Please try again.
Image updated. 画像を更新しました。
Preferences saved.
Preferences not updated.
Failed to update organization name.
There was an error with the autogenerated password. User not created. Please try again.
Username "{user}" already taken. {user}というユーザーネームはもう使割れています。
An error occurred saving this user to the database. Please inform your admin. 予期しないエラーが発生しました!管理者にご連絡ください。
The two-factor code for user "{user}" was verified successfully.
Name not updated: {}
Deleted user '{user}'. ユーザー'{user}'が削除されました
Test alert sent. Please check your email. テストアラートが送信されました。メールをご確認ください。
Success! 成功!
The account and data for the source {} has been deleted.
Nothing Selected コレクションが選択されていません。
You must select one or more items.
Your download failed because a file could not be found. An admin can find more information in the system and monitoring logs.
Only admins can access this page. このページには管理者のアクセス権が必要です。
HOTP secrets are 40 characters long - you have entered {num}.
Must be at least {num} character long.
Cannot be longer than {num} character.
This username is invalid because it is reserved for internal use by the software.
This field is required. このフィールドは必要です。
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SecureDrop / SecureDropJapanese

An error occurred saving this user to the database. Please inform your admin.
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Why this change? Do we have a max character constraint?

2 years ago
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Hey AO, there is no character limitation according the change was simply cosmetic.

2 years ago
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How about "Tell your admin it is not possible to add users." or "Tell your admin there is a problem adding users."?

2 years ago
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This is a catch-all exception handler that is unlikely to arise in practice, because other errors (like duplicate usernames) have specific messages associated with them. We cannot change it to"it is not possible to add users" because that may not be true -- the error may be triggered by some unknown edge case condition, only for this one attempt. What about the current message is confusing?

7 months ago

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