<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. It will be saved to a file called:
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Sorry, we couldn't locate what you requested. 很抱歉,我们无法找到您所请求的内容。
Important 重中之重
You were logged out due to inactivity. Click the <img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong> button in your Tor Browser's toolbar before moving on. This will clear your Tor Browser activity data on this device. 您因为长时间无操作而被注销。再继续操作前,点击 Tor 浏览器工具栏上的<img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>新身份</strong>按钮。这能清除此设备上 Tor 浏览器的活动记录。
Why is there a warning about Tor2Web? 为何使用 Tor2Web 会有警告信息?
Using Tor2Web to connect to SecureDrop will not protect your anonymity. 使用 Tor2Web 来连接至 SecureDrop 将无法保护您的匿名身份。
It could be possible for anyone monitoring your Internet traffic (your government, your Internet provider), to identify you. 监听您网络流量的人(如您的政府、互联网提供商)将可以识别您的身份。
We <strong>strongly advise</strong> you to use the <a href="">Tor Browser</a> instead. 我们<strong>强烈建议</strong>您使用 <a href="">Tor 浏览器</a>。
You Should Use Tor Browser 您应该使用洋葱浏览器
If you are not using Tor Browser, you <strong>may not be anonymous</strong>. 若您使用的不是洋葱浏览器,您<strong>可能无法匿名</strong>。
If you want to submit information to SecureDrop, we <strong>strongly advise you</strong> to install Tor Browser and use it to access our site safely and anonymously. 若您想提交信息至 SecureDrop,我们<strong>强烈建议</strong>您安装洋葱浏览器并使用其以安全、匿名地访问我们的站点。
Copy and paste the following address into your browser and follow the instructions to download and install Tor Browser: 复制粘贴下列地址至您的浏览器,并遵循指示来下载安装洋葱浏览器:
If there is a chance that downloading Tor Browser raises suspicion and your mail provider is less likely to be monitored, you can send a mail to <pre></pre> and a bot will answer with instructions. 若您下载洋葱浏览器时起了疑心,且若您的邮件提供商不太可能被监控时,您可发送邮件至<pre></pre>,机器人将回复您下载指示。
Why download the team's public key? 为何要下载团队的公钥?
SecureDrop encrypts files and messages after they are submitted. Encrypting messages and files before submission can provide an extra layer of security before your data reaches the SecureDrop server. SecureDrop 将在提交后加密文件及信息。在提交文件至 SecureDrop 服务器前之前进行加密将提供额外的保护。
If you are already familiar with the GPG encryption software, you may wish to encrypt your submissions yourself. To do so: 若您已熟知 GPG 加密软件,您可自行加密。请参阅:
<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. It will be saved to a file called:
<a href="{url}">下载</a>此公钥。文件名为:
Import it into your GPG keyring. 导入至您的 GPG 密钥串。
If you are using <a href="{url}">Tails</a>, you can double-click the <code>.asc</code> file you just downloaded and it will be automatically imported to your keyring. 若您正使用 <a href="{url}">Tails</a>,您可双击您刚下载的 <code>.asc</code> 以自动导入至您的密钥串。
If you are using macOS or Linux, open the terminal. You can import the key with:<p><code>gpg --import /path/to/{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p> 若您正使用 macOS/Linux,请打开终端。您可使用 <p><code>gpg --import /path/to/{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p> 导入密钥。
Encrypt your submission. Open the terminal and enter this gpg command: 加密你的提交内容。打开命令行并输入此 PGP 命令:
<code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code> <code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code>
Upload your encrypted submission. It will have the same filename as the unencrypted file, with .gpg at the end (e.g. <code>internal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>) 上传您的加密档案,其文件名将与未加密版文件一致,但以 .gpg 文件结尾(如 <code>internal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>)
<strong>Important:</strong> If you wish to remain anonymous, <strong>do not</strong> use GPG to sign the encrypted file (with the <code>--sign</code> or <code>-s</code> flag) as this will reveal your GPG identity to us. <strong>重要提示:</strong>若您想保持匿名身份,<strong>请勿</strong>使用 GPG 签名加密文件(即加入 <code>--sign</code> 或 <code>-s</code> 命令行参数),这将向我们泄露您的 GPG 身份。
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<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. It will be saved to a file called:
<a href="{url}">下载</a>此公钥。公钥文件为扩展名是 <code>.asc文件名为:
</code> 的文本文件</p>
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<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. The public key is a text file with the extension <code>.ascIt will be saved to a file called:
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