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Username can contain spaces 用户名可以包含空格
Username is case-sensitive 用户名需区分大小写
First name
Last name
First name and last name are optional 姓与名均为选填项
The user's password will be: 此用户的密码为:
Is Admin 是否为管理员
Is using a YubiKey [HOTP] 是否使用 YubiKey [HOTP]
You're almost done! To finish adding this new user, have them follow the instructions below to set up two-factor authentication with FreeOTP. Once they've added an entry for this account in the app, have them enter one of the 6-digit codes from the app to confirm that two-factor authentication is set up correctly. 就快完成了!要完成新用户的添加,请让他们按照下面的说明去设置 FreeOTP 双重验证。在他们添加账号到 app 里后,让他们输入应用中其中一个 6 位密码,以确认双重验证正确设置了。
Can't scan the barcode? You can manually pair FreeOTP with this account by entering the following two-factor secret into the app: 无法扫描二维码?您可手动输入下列两步验证密钥以将您的账户关联至 FreeOTP:
Once you have configured your YubiKey, enter the 6-digit code below: 当你配置好 YubiKey 后,输入下面的 6 位口令:
<strong>Update Required:</strong> Your SecureDrop servers are still running v2 onion services, which are being phased out for security reasons. In February 2021, v2 onion services will be disabled, and your SecureDrop servers may become unreachable. <a href="//" rel="noreferrer">Learn More</a> <strong>需要更新:</strong>你的 SecureDrop 服务器仍在使用v2版洋葱服务,其因为安全问题已过时。在2021年2月,v2版洋葱服务将被禁用,届时你的 SecureDrop 服务器会无法访问。<a href="//" rel="noreferrer">了解更多</a>
Logged on as 以身份登录
Admin 管理员
Log Out 登出
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All Sources 所有线人
The documents are stored encrypted for security. To read them, you will need to decrypt them using GPG. 安全起见,所有文件都经过加密存储。如果想要阅读,必须使用GPG解密。
Download Selected 下载所选的部分
Delete Selected 删除所选的部分
Reply 回复
Read 读取
Unread 未读
Uploaded Document 已上传的文件
Message 消息
Delete Confirmation 确认删除
Are you sure you want to delete the selected documents? 你确定要删除这些选中的文件吗?
No documents to display. 无文件可显示。
You can write a secure reply to the person who submitted these documents: 您可以撰写一个私密的回复给文件的提供者:
You've flagged this source for reply. 您已经把这名线人标记为待回复。


Powered by <em>SecureDrop {version}</em>.
由 <em>SecureDrop</em> 提供支持。
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Powered by <em>SecureDrop {version}</em>.
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Powered by <em>SecureDrop {version}</em>.
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