Deleted user '{user}'.
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You have been logged out due to inactivity. 因為閒置太久,已將您登出。
You have been logged out due to password change 因密碼變更已被登出
SecureDrop SecureDrop
Incorrect password or two-factor code. 密碼或是雙因素驗證認證碼不正確。
Your two-factor credentials have been reset successfully. 已成功重設您的雙因子驗證。
There was a problem verifying the two-factor code. Please try again. 確認雙重驗證碼時出現問題。請再次嘗試。
Image updated. 圖片已更新。
Preferences saved. 偏好已儲存。
Preferences not updated. 無法更新偏好設定。
Failed to update organization name. 無法更新組織名稱。
There was an error with the autogenerated password. User not created. Please try again. 自動生成的密碼有誤。用户帳戶未建立。請再次嘗試。
Username "{user}" already taken. 用户名「{user}」已存在。
An error occurred saving this user to the database. Please inform your admin. 保存此用户到資料庫時出錯。請通知管理員。
The two-factor code for user "{user}" was verified successfully. 已成功驗證用户 "{user}" 的雙重驗證碼。
Name not updated: {} 名稱未更新: {}
Deleted user '{user}'. 已刪除使用者「{user}」
Test alert sent. Please check your email. 已送出測試警報,請檢查電郵信箱。
Success! 成功!
The account and data for the source {} have been deleted. 線人{} 的帳戶與資料皆已全數删除。
Nothing Selected 無選取
You must select one or more items. 須至少選取一個項目。
Your download failed because a file could not be found. An admin can find more information in the system and monitoring logs. 因為找不到檔案,下載失敗。系統管理員能在系統及監控記錄中查詢更多資訊。
Only admins can access this page. 本頁面僅限管理員訪問。
HOTP secrets are 40 characters long - you have entered {num}. HOTP secrets 需為 40 個字符長,已輸入 {num} 個字符。
Must be at least {num} character long. 须至少有 {num} 個字符長度。
Cannot be longer than {num} character. 不可多於 {num} 字元。
This username is invalid because it is reserved for internal use by the software. 因軟體本身保留自用故無法選用此帳戶名稱。
This field is required. 這是必填項目。
You cannot send an empty reply. 回覆內容不可空白。
File required. 檔案欄為必要。
You can only upload PNG image files. 僅可上傳 PNG 格式的圖片檔。


Deleted user '{user}'.
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Deleted user '{user}'.
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Deleted user '{user}'.
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Deleted user '{user}'.
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SecureDrop / SecureDropChinese (Traditional)

Deleted user '{user}'.
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English Chinese (Traditional)
user 使用者 SecureDrop
user 帳戶 SecureDrop

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