No collections selected for deletion.
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{source_name}'s collection deleted. {source_name} 集件已删除
No collections selected. 並未選擇任何的集件。
Your download failed because a file could not be found. An admin can find more information in the system and monitoring logs. 因為找不到檔案,下載失敗。系統管理員能在系統及監控記錄中查詢更多資訊。
Only admins can access this page. 本頁面僅限管理員訪問。
HOTP secrets are 40 characters long - you have entered {num}. HOTP secrets 需為 40 個字符長,已輸入 {num} 個字符。
Must be at least {num} character long. 须至少有 {num} 個字符長度。
Cannot be longer than {num} character. 不可多於 {num} 字元。
This username is invalid because it is reserved for internal use by the software. 因軟體本身保留自用故無法選用此帳戶名稱。
This field is required. 這是必填項目。
You cannot send an empty reply. 回覆內容不可空白。
File required. 檔案欄為必要。
You can only upload PNG image files. 僅可上傳 PNG 格式的圖片檔。
An unexpected error occurred! Please inform your admin. 發生預期之外的錯誤!請通知系統管理員。
Thanks. Your reply has been stored. 謝謝,我們已儲存您的回覆。
No collections selected for download. 未選擇要下載的集件。
No collections selected for deletion. 未選擇要刪除的集件。
No unread submissions for this source. 此位線人無未讀的提交。
Account updated. 帳戶已更新。
Login failed. 登錄失敗。
Please wait at least {num} second before logging in again. 請等待 {num} 秒後再嚐試登錄。
Please wait for a new code from your two-factor mobile app or security key before trying again. 請等待手機應用産生新的雙重認證碼或收到安全密鑰後再重試一遍。
Invalid secret format: please only submit letters A-F and numbers 0-9. 無效的動態密碼格式:只可提交 A-F 之間的字母和 0-9 之間的數字。
Invalid secret format: odd-length secret. Did you mistype the secret? 動態密碼格式不符:輸入長度為奇數。是否輸入錯誤?
Submission deleted. {num} 個提交已删除。
{num} collection deleted {num} 集件已删除
Name updated. 名稱已更新。
The password you submitted is invalid. Password not changed. 提交的密碼不對!原密碼未更改。
There was an error, and the new password might not have been saved correctly. To prevent you from getting locked out of your account, you should reset your password again. 出錯了,新密碼可能未正確地保存。为了防止帳戶被鎖定,請再次重置密碼。
Password updated. Don't forget to save it in your KeePassX database. New password: 密碼已更新。別忘了將它保存在你的 KeePassX 數據庫中。新的密碼是:
No unread submissions in selected collections. 在所選擇的集件中,並無未讀的提交資訊。
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No collections selected for deletion.
3 years ago
No collections selected for deletion.
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No collections selected for deletion.
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