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Your password will be changed immediately, so you will need to save it before pressing the "Reset Password" button. 你的密碼將立即改變,因此在按下“重置密碼”按鈕前記得儲存。
Please enter your current password and two-factor code. 請輸入目前使用的密碼與雙因素認證碼。
Current Password 目前的密碼
Two-factor Code 雙因素驗證碼
The user's password will be changed to: 用户的密碼將改成:
Your password will be changed to: 你的密碼將被改成:
Reset Two-Factor Authentication 重置雙因素驗證授權
If a user's two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, you can reset them here. <em>If you do this, make sure the user is present and ready to set up their device with the new two-factor credentials. Otherwise, they will be locked out of their account.</em> 如果用户雙因素驗證的證明已丢失或遭破壞,可以在此重置它們。<em>如果這麼做,確認該用戶在場,而且在其設置上已設好新的雙因素驗證。否则,他們的帳戶將被鎖住。
If your two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, or you got a new device, you can reset your credentials here. <em>If you do this, make sure you are ready to set up your new device, otherwise you will be locked out of your account.</em> 如果你的雙因素驗證證明已丢失或遭到破壞,或是你有一件新設備,可以在此重置你的證明。<em> 如果要這麼做,請確認新設備已設置妥當,否则你的帳戶會被鎖住。</em>
To reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps such as FreeOTP, choose the first option. For security keys like the YubiKey, choose the second one. 重新設定手機應用雙重驗證軟體例如 FreeOPT,請選擇第一個選項。如果需要 YubiKey 一類的安全密鑰,請選擇第二個選項。
Reset two-factor authentication for mobile apps, such as FreeOTP 重新設置手機上的二因子驗證應用軟體,例如 FreeOTP
Reset two-factor authentication for security keys, like a YubiKey 重設安全密鑰例如 YubiKey 的雙重驗證
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Thanks! 感謝您!
SecureDrop will generate a secure encryption key for this source the next time that they log in. Once the key has been generated, a reply box will appear under their collection of documents. You can use this box to write encrypted replies to them. SecureDrop 會在這個線人下次登入時產生新的加密金鑰。加密金鑰產生後,文件列表下會出現回覆欄。您可以在回覆欄撰寫訊息給線人。
Continue to the list of documents for {codename}... 繼續 {codename} 文件列表...
Sources 線人消息源
Download Unread 下載未讀文件
Download 下載
Star 標星
Un-star 未標星
Are you sure you want to delete the selected collections? 確認要刪除所挑選的集件?
Warning: If you do this, all files for the selected sources will be unrecoverable, and the sources will no longer be able to log in using their previous codename. 警告:如果這麼做,所選取的檔案將無法回復,而線人將無法再利用之前的代號登錄。
No documents have been submitted! 未有文件被提交!
Filter by codename 按代號篩選
Select All 全選
Select Unread 選取未讀
Select None 無挑選
Are you sure you want to delete the user {username}? 確認要刪除這名 {username} 用戶?


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