Why download the team's public key?
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You were logged out due to inactivity. Click the <img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong> button in your Tor Browser's toolbar before moving on. This will clear your Tor Browser activity data on this device. 因聞置過久已遭系統登出,可先點擊 Tor 瀏覽器工具列<img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong>按鍵來清除此設備上的瀏覽記錄。
Why is there a warning about Tor2Web? 為什麼出現一個 Tor2Web 的警告?
Using Tor2Web to connect to SecureDrop will not protect your anonymity. 使用 Tor2Web 連至 SecureDrop 將無法保護您的匿名安全。
It could be possible for anyone monitoring your Internet traffic (your government, your Internet provider), to identify you. 任何網路流量監控者(如政府、網路服務業者)都有可能認出您。
We <strong>strongly advise</strong> you to use the <a href="">Tor Browser</a> instead. <strong>強烈建議</strong>以<a href="">Tor 瀏覽器</a>為替代。
You Should Use Tor Browser 您應使用 Tor 瀏覽器
If you are not using Tor Browser, you <strong>may not be anonymous</strong>. 如果您不使用 Tor 瀏覽器,<strong>也許無法保持匿名</strong>。
If you want to submit information to SecureDrop, we <strong>strongly advise you</strong> to install Tor Browser and use it to access our site safely and anonymously. 如果要向 SecureDrop 提交資訊,我們<strong>強烈建議您</strong>安裝 Tor 瀏覽器,透過它安全而匿名地訪問我們的網站。
Copy and paste the following address into your browser and follow the instructions to download and install Tor Browser: 複製並貼上以下的網址到您的瀏覽器,並依照指示下載和安裝 Tor 瀏覽器:
If there is a chance that downloading Tor Browser raises suspicion and your mail provider is less likely to be monitored, you can send a mail to <pre></pre> and a bot will answer with instructions. 如果下載 Tor Browser 容易引發他人懷疑,而郵件服務商較不受到監控,則可以寄信到 <pre></pre>它利用機器人提供答案指示。
Why download the team's public key? 為什麼要下載本站團隊的公鑰?
SecureDrop encrypts files and messages after they are submitted. Encrypting messages and files before submission can provide an extra layer of security before your data reaches the SecureDrop server. SecureDrop 會自動加密所有收到的資料。上傳前先把文件和訊息加密可提供多一層安全保護,確保資料在傳送到 SecureDrop 伺服器前的安全。
If you are already familiar with the GPG encryption software, you may wish to encrypt your submissions yourself. To do so: 如果您熟悉 GPG 加密軟體,您可以在上傳文件前先自行加密。操作方式為:
<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. It will be saved to a file called:
<a href="{url}">下載</a>公鑰。它會自動儲存為 <p><code>{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p>
Import it into your GPG keyring. 匯入至您的 GPG 鑰匙圈。
If you are using <a href="{url}">Tails</a>, you can double-click the <code>.asc</code> file you just downloaded and it will be automatically imported to your keyring. 如果您正使用 <a href="{url}">Tails</a>,可以雙擊剛才下載的 <code>.asc</code>文件,它會自動地加入到您的鑰匙圈中。
If you are using macOS or Linux, open the terminal. You can import the key with:<p><code>gpg --import /path/to/{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p> 如果您使用 MacOS/Linux 系統,請打開終端機,用以下指令匯入金鑰:<p><code>gpg --import /path/to/{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p>。
Encrypt your submission. Open the terminal and enter this gpg command: 加密提交的文件,請在文字指令程式下輸入以下 gpg 指令:
<code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code> <code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code>
Upload your encrypted submission. It will have the same filename as the unencrypted file, with .gpg at the end (e.g. <code>internal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>) 上傳已加密的提交文件。文件名稱應該和未加密前的文件一樣,但多添加了 .gpg 副檔名,(例如 <code>internal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>)
<strong>Important:</strong> If you wish to remain anonymous, <strong>do not</strong> use GPG to sign the encrypted file (with the <code>--sign</code> or <code>-s</code> flag) as this will reveal your GPG identity to us. <strong>重要:</strong>如果您希望保持匿名,<strong>請勿</strong>在 GPG 加密文件時進行數位簽署(使用 <code>--sign</code> 或 <code>-s</code> 指令參數),這樣做會向我們揭示您的 GPG 身份。
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Why download the team's public key?
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