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This is a descriptive label of the button for screenreaders and other accessibility tools; it is not displayed by a regular web browers. If the button had a text label, this is what it would say.

The button lets a source cycle through generated codenames like "unelected squash collision glutton guileless unplowed lunchtime"; if they don't like the codename, they can click it to generate another one.

3 days ago

This change was made as part of supporting use of this dialog when JavaScript is not enabled (in which case it would take a lot of redundant HTML to include the username for each row).

3 days ago

This is a hidden menu label for screen readers and other accessibility tools. It is not a confirmation message - it's permanently associated with the language selection dropdown to indicate which language has been selected. Here's what it looks like in HTML:

<section class="menu" aria-labelledby="locale-menu-heading">
  <h2 id="locale-menu-heading" hidden>
    Selected language: Deutsch
  <label id="locale-menu-trigger" for="menu-1-checkbox" class="menu__trigger" aria-hidden="true">
3 days ago

Are we addressing the user or is this an option title?

4 days ago

The former version with [username] was better in the sense that the username is gender neutral, whenever "user" is not.

4 days ago

Is this "The language had been selected" or it introduces the selected language, e.g., "Selected langguage French"?

4 days ago

Shouldn’t these rather read:It is recommended to use Tor Browser to access SecureDrop:?

4 days ago

Yes, {designation} is resolved to the two-word journalist designation for sources, such as "benevolent artichoke" or "humorless musicology". This is an ARIA attribute that is used for screen readers.

2 weeks ago

Is "{designation}" the name of what we want to unstar?

2 weeks ago
User avatar None

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SecureDrop / SecureDropEnglish

Resource update 2 weeks ago
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