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If a user's two-factor authentication credentials have been lost or compromised, you can reset them here. <em>If you do this, make sure the user is present and ready to set up their device with the new two-factor credentials. Otherwise, they will be locked out of their account.</em>
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<strong>Important:</strong> If you wish to remain anonymous, <strong>do not</strong> use GPG to sign the encrypted file (with the <code>--sign</code> or <code>-s</code> flag) as this will reveal your GPG identity to us.
<strong>提示重要:</strong>如果您希望保持匿名,<strong>請勿</strong>在 GPG 加密文件時進行數位簽署(使用 <code>--sign</code> 或 <code>-s</code> 指令參數),這樣做會向我們揭示您的 GPG 身份。
2 months ago
Upload your encrypted submission. It will have the same filename as the unencrypted file, with .gpg at the end (e.g. <code>internal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>)
上傳已加密的提交文件。文件名稱應該和未加密前的文件一樣,但多添加了 .gpg 副檔名,(例如 <code>roswell_photosinternal_memo.pdf.gpg</code>)
2 months ago
<code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code>
<code>gpg --recipient '{submission_key_fpr}' --encrypt /path/to/submission</code>
2 months ago
Encrypt your submission. Open the terminal and enter this gpg command:
加密提交的文件,請在文字指令程式下輸入以下 gpg 指令:
2 months ago
If you are using macOS or Linux, open the terminal. You can import the key with:<p><code>gpg --import /path/to/{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p>
如果您使用 MacOS/Linux 系統,請打開終端機,用以下指令匯入金鑰:<p><code>gpg --import /path/to/key.asc{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p>
2 months ago
<a href="{url}">Download</a> the public key. It will be saved to a file called:
<a href="{url}">下載</a>公鑰。公鑰是一種文字類型檔案,其副檔名為 <code>.asc它會自動儲存為 <p><code>{submission_key_fpr_filename}</code></p>
2 months ago
We <strong>strongly advise</strong> you to use the <a href="">Tor Browser</a> instead.
<strong>強烈建議</strong>以<a href="">Tor 瀏覽器</a>為替代。
2 months ago
You were logged out due to inactivity. Click the <img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong> button in your Tor Browser's toolbar before moving on. This will clear your Tor Browser activity data on this device.
因聞置過久已遭系統登出,可先點擊 Tor 瀏覽器工具列<img src={icon} alt="broom icon" width="16" height="16">&nbsp;<strong>New Identity</strong>按鍵來清除此設備上的瀏覽記錄。
2 months ago
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